The original page, My College Life, really came to mind when I realized how normal, boring, and yet quirky college can be.

I’m a rare student to come across, for I like education and I enjoy the learning environment. However, I do not like doing homework nor studying for that matter, so I tend to resent school. You may find contradictions hiding beneath my words often, because I tend to be an easily-persuaded, indecisive person.

By the end of senior year of high school in 2011, I made my decision to attend Suffolk University in Boston for Print Journalism.  Financially, it was not. So after all of that hard work into my college essays, money and time spent on applications and college visits, requested off dates from work and school, my mother and I collectively agreed on withdrawing from SU and to attend a good, solid and affordable community college close by. Welcome to the start of My College Life.

After two fast years at Brookdale Community College, I transferred from one SU to another: Syracuse University. I studied English and Magazine. Depression took its toll. I left Syracuse for a year and a half. Went on a cross-country road trip. Made something I call, “Days Traveled.” Got back to school.


Yet, it’s all just another post in what is now called My Post-Grad Life.


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