Days Traveled, Unraveled

The Days Traveled, Unraveled series are descriptive, detailed “diary-like” entries. It explains my feelings, emotions, and plays as the human counterpart of my road trip, rather than the description of activities shared in my articles for Paste Magazine.

This is where I get to use first person. Where I share my favorites, dislikes, ups, downs, and the real behind-the-scenes attitudes that occur on an exhausting, long road trip such as Days Traveled.

Days Traveled is the media persona of the travels that my friend Melanie (Mely) and I share together. Right now, Days Traveled is a cross-country road trip, aspiring to see every continental state in the United States.

Days Traveled is a 22-year-old Tobi and a 20-year-old Mely in a Ford Explorer ’99, attempting to accomplish at least one memorable thing in each of the 48 states.

Days Traveled is a budget road trip. It is an open-ended, loose itinerary. It is a flexible road trip that isn’t concerned about the “should be’s” in life. It is our experiences, our lives on the American roads and routes.


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