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Let’s Get the Juices Flowing…wait, there’s juice here?

Hi, all!

Of course, by “all,” I mean my 2 fans/subscribers/robots…or however you want to interpret my low reader-count.

I know I’ve said this before, but I want to be consistent with my blog posts. I want to write. I want to keep the juices flowing and I want to fill my “unemployed” time by doing something that doesn’t make me feel like a piece of shit. Of course “unemployed” is in quotes because I still have my hotel job. I’m around the 3.5 year mark with this job and while I’ve worked my way up, it’s still “winter” (post-labor day), which means I hardly have to be at work at all. That’s life at the beach: overworked in the summer, and a lack of money and self-esteem in the winter.

This would mean I have a self-esteem in the summer, which is incorrect, but really I just mean I have so much free time now that it leaves me alone with my thoughts and self-loathing about not having a better job and still living at my mom’s.

Of course, the post-grad life entails lots of loan payments, which I’m used to, but without having rent, it makes my life soooo much easier about paying it all off faster. But the self-loathing comes back. Because I live at my mom’s.

So I’m trudging along. I’m applying to places. I’m not hearing back. The low-self-esteem gets lower. But I’m trudging along. I’m crying. I’m trudging along. Next thing I know, my prediction from my last blog post about me being stuck (a huge fear of mine) will actually come true. And I’m only that much closer to being 25 years old. Which I get is still young, but it just takes me further from the path I want to be on.

Anyway, I wasn’t trying to make this post so sad. My point is, I want to write again but I know I get distracted and I know sometimes I don’t want to write especially because looking through my posts reminds me just how the same” everything still is. So I’ll try to get the juices flowing. But knowing there’s juice, I may just drink it all. #BusterBluth

Ways that I am now Buster Bluth:

  1. There’s that whole “juice” thing.
  2. Living at Mother’s. (Thankfully my mom’s name isn’t Lucille)
  3. Having trouble finding a job for me.
  4. I have a pet turtle (but I’m better about taking care of mine)
  5. I’m the youngest sibling
  6. I’m sensitive

I think I’ll stop trying to find similarities between us…it’s for the best…


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The Post-Grad Life


Even as I’ve finished school, the common thread of “the Tobi Thompson school life” still persists. I’m reflecting a lot more than usual lately just because today I watched a lot of my friends attend graduation on their Snapchat stories. But in reality, I reflect on this every. damn. day.

It’s been nearly 5 months since I’ve graduated and I have yet to land a “real” job. So of course, the woes of an entitled millennial start here, right? I’ll admit, I haven’t been applying every day, or hell, every week. And I haven’t heard back from jobs I expected to hear back from. Granted, my expectations really only got so high out of hope, but I feel qualified enough to land an interview. Yet, the places I’ve applied request not to be contacted again.

I even turned down a job because I knew it wasn’t the right fit. I’m scrambling for anything, but at the same time, if you just know, you know. I can’t exactly describe it, other than I would not have been able to fill the job correctly. Nearly everyone harrowed me about it: “It’s a start though and you can’t be picky with your first job,” or “This will lead to other jobs” or “Think about what it will say on your resume.” I had, of course, considered all of those things. After all, that’s why I even bothered applying and going to the interview in the first place. But when I was asked to do something that was not in my area of expertise, nor could be taught this either, I just couldn’t follow through. So I politely declined, and let me tell you that I still do not regret it.

Instead, I’ve gotten promoted at my “non-real” job. The job at the hotel that I’ve had for three years now. So I continue to work in customer service, patiently being every guest’s personal bitch. And it’s not all that bad, but there’s a lot of things that are changing in my life, and I just wish a new job position would line up with everything else that’s changing as well. I feel stuck here, while everything else is up in the air. Let me explain.

I still live at my mom’s because affording living anywhere else in New Jersey alone seems to be…how do I say this? Impossible. And all of my friends in this state are forced to do the same. My mom has been trying to leave Belmar for the last 10 years. Well guess who finally sold her condo? My mom did this without lining up another place to live in (and I don’t blame her). So as of July 1, we have no idea where we’ll be living.

My friends are all landing jobs or graduating or doing great things or have steady schedules. And yet I feel so behind for once. My schedule is all over the place, which has always been fine in the past, but again, I’m ready for that next stage in my life. I’m ready for a 9-5. I’m ready for an adventure.

I have a boyfriend. An actual boyfriend for once. And that in itself is so new to me. I can say that I feel stable when I’m with him, which is comforting, of course. But I also don’t want it to hold me back from moving to New York City or landing a real job. So in that respect, I’m terrified of what’s to eventually come.

I feel busy every day and I don’t seem to have a ton of time to dedicate to applying to places (right now I’m actually at work). And I don’t even know what I’m doing every day. I feel like I’m in a black hole right now and I know it will pass.

Sometimes I remind myself that I only just graduated and that something will come my way and it won’t be so bad. This was, after all, the sage wisdom I had given to my friends (and felt justified in giving since I took that year and a half off from school. This feeling is similar, but I can say that it is not the same) after they graduated. But sometimes I’m like, It’s already five months and it’s gone by so fast. Next thing you’ll know, you’re 25 and everything’s the same.

And while some people relish in continuity and repeated sameness, I just don’t feel happy feeling stuck or no room to grow. It’s probably part of the reason why I travel so much.

And even though I just went to Atlanta last month, and going to Puerto Rico for a wedding in June, I’m already getting an itch to get out of here.

So that post-grad life has a lot and nothing for me all in the same package. Where to next? And when? The eternal post-grad questions.

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